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Affiliate Information

This website is not owned by Butterfly Express or Butterfly Expressions, yet we sell their products, and keep a percentage of the sale.  This is called affiliate marketing.  Would you like to be a Butterfly Express affiliate too, and keep a percentage of all sales you refer to them?

Butterfly Express currently gives up to a huge 18% of sales to affiliates – very generous.  You can choose either a gift card for their products, or a $US check.  This is a great way to get free essential oils, or a little spending money!

Please note that you will need to check for yourself whether selling of this type is legal in your country/state (but it is in most places).  Also, no level of sales success is stated or implied.  You will need to spread the word and tell your family and friends online about these wonderful products, and include your affiliate link so that Butterfly Express knows it was YOU that sent them each sale.

If you would like to sign up for the affiliate program, please go to the Butterfly Express Affiliate Sign-Up page.  Or, if you are already signed up, here is a quick link to the Butterfly Express Affiliate Login page.